Mobiloop demo

The MobiLOOP is a backpack harness created to simplify your life as a mobile healthcare provider.

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View of Mobiloop pocket

High Quality Construction

We use a dual layer military-grade polyurethane woven with nylon. MobiLOOP is water resistant, light weight, and flexible.

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Rear view of two models demonstrating the Mobiloop

Sized to fit!

There are two sizes in the MobiLOOP system that will fit any portable table. The MobiLOOP XL Elite is a universal fit, whereas the MobiLOOP only fits unique portable chiropractic tables.

The MobiLOOP XL Elite is our best seller!
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Boxes and envelopes on a table

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I’ve been doing massage therapy for over 15 years. I was introduced to Doc and The Mobil Loop many years ago, and I’m so grateful for them both! The Mobil Loop is the #1 reason my body has not fallen apart completely. I remember trying to lug my wooden legged table around town, with my table strapped to one side of my body. What a pain that was, and my back hurt all the time!! 30+lbs of aches and pains are gone! 

Michelle Rozzen, LMT

Travel days are the best, especially with my MobiLOOP to help carry my table on my back while I can carry my luggage in my hands.

Deas Sports Performance

I want to give a HUGE s/o and thank you to MobiLOOP for making me a brand ambassador for their DOPE product which holds mobile massage and chiropractic tables and allows you to strap it around your back... As many of you know I travel A LOT! But with MobiLOOP my travels are SO MUCH EASIER!

Movement By Jordan


MobiLOOP Tutorial #1

MobiLOOP Tutorial #2