What is The MobiLOOP?

The MobiLoop is a portable therapy table backpack harness that allows you to carry your table effortlessly. Designed to simplify the lives of healthcare professionals who use portable treatment/massage tables, the MobiLoop securely attaches to your therapy table, enabling you to wear it on your back like a backpack. This ergonomic design not only eases the task of transporting your table but also liberates your hands for carrying additional items or using your cell phone.

Why use MobiLOOP? Why not just use a roller cart instead?

The MobiLoop enables you to move more swiftly and safely with your therapy table securely fastened to your back. It excels, especially in challenging terrains like grass, gravel, or stairs, making it easier for you to reach your client with reduced stress and frustration. If you've ever used a cart or hand truck, you're well aware of the frustration involved. They are best used in airports. 

Is the MobiLOOP good for my posture?

The MobiLoop lightens your load and accompanies you effortlessly wherever you go. It enables you to carry your table with an even distribution of weight across your body, reducing the strain on your neck that often occurs when carrying the table on one side of your body. We all recognize that this improvement contributes to the long-term health of your spine. It's worth noting that the MobiLoop was designed by a chiropractor!

What are the advantages of purchasing the MobiLOOP backpack harness? 

The MobiLOOP backpack harness allows you the freedom of carrying your table on your back!  You now have the ability to make phone calls, or carry other equipment without the burden of a table on your shoulder. 

Can I keep my carrying bag with my table while using the MobiLOOP system?

The MobiLoop easily fits over your existing massage table bag, making it compatible with your current table setup right out of the box, eliminating the need to make any equipment changes.

What materials are the Mobiloop crafted with?

The MobiLOOP harness is constructed with a nylon and polyester blend. 

How long is the wait time for the order?

Your order will be shipped 1-2 business days from purchase. Upon ordering you will be able to select the delivery method of your choice. That way you have the flexibility to expedite your order if needed. 

What about walking through doorways or in high traffic areas like subways? 

The MobiLoop-XL Elite has extended straps on the harness for maximum versatility. You can carry your table vertically or horizontally making travel easier regardless of what your transportation method or travel path is. The longer straps also allow you to bring along accessories like bolsters and chairs! The MobiLoop’s maximum versatility makes it easier for you to get to your patients and bring along the accessories you need to treat them!

What if I don't consider myself a "mobile therapist"? Why would I need the MobiLOOP?

Let's allow the inventor of the MobiLOOP to answer this one:

“The MobiLoop is for those that are regularly mobile as well as those that do occasional work in the field. It is like having luggage. You may not travel every week, but you do need luggage when you travel!”

Dr. Craig Dossman, Jr 


What is the warranty on the MobiLOOP harness? 

Defects in materials or workmanship are covered for 1 year - from the date of purchase. Material refers to buckles and fabrics. Workmanship refers to seams and construction. Damage due to wear and tears such as rips, tears, abrasion or UV degradation, misuse or neglect is not covered under our warranty policy.

How do I clean my MobiLOOP?

The nylon used is weather resistant; you can use a wet rag to wipe off your MobiLOOP.

I’m not sure if the MobiLOOP will fit my table. Is it a universal fit? 

There are two sizes in the MobiLOOP system that will fit any portable table.  MobiLOOP XL Elite is a universal fit, whereas the MobiLOOP only fits unique portable chiropractic tables. The MobiLOOP XL Elite is our best seller.

What sizes are available for the MobiLOOP harness?

  • The MobiLOOP (fits all small portable tables) 
  • The MobiLOOP XL Elite (fits all small to large tables) 

Does the MobiLOOP harness have a weight limit? 

  • The MobiLOOP XL Elite usually maxes out at 60 lbs. We have tested it with 70 lbs. It can carry heavier. The question is how much would you carry on your back? We do not recommend carrying a table heavier than 30lbs. This is not really considered a "portable" table. 

What if I am not satisfied with my purchase? 

We will refund your money (minus shipping) if you return the product in its original packaging, free from any damage.   

Do you ship to other countries? 

We will ship worldwide! You can apply your location at check out. Fees will apply.

I need to change my address for delivery, is that possible? 

Contact us to make the necessary changes as soon as possible.