About MobiLOOP

The Creator

Dr. Craig Dossman, Jr, known affectionately to his patients as ‘Doc’, is touted as one of the top sports medicine practitioners in Southern California. He is sought out by competitors at every level, from youth sporting leagues to Elite Olympic athletes, as well as professional entertainers for whom physical fitness and athletic execution are paramount to success.

This is his account of how this idea was birthed:

“I remember being in Moscow, Russia for the 2014 World Championships in Athletics. I have to carry my table everywhere we went. I got tired of lugging around his table from the hotel to the bus to the track, and back, every single day. Every single day my hands were full with this table and accessories. I was unable to answer a call or take a photo without putting everything down. Meanwhile I am trying to keep up with the athletes that were paying for me to accompany them. We were on a very strict schedule. I had been doing this sort of work for almost a decade at this point. The frustration of lugging my table all around the world via bus, train, and plane developed into a brainstorm. I realized I needed a better way.

I had already tried to use a roller cart but that became a problem when I needed to go up stair, or cross through gravel or grass or sand. Wheels just didn’t seem practical for me until I got to the airport. I need to be able to find an easier way to carry this stuff and I needed a free hand! Then it hit me! I went to a seamstress an had the straps from my backpack removed and sewn onto the carrying case of my massage table. Just like that, the MobiLoop was born. You should have seen the looks on the faces of all the other therapists and chiropractors from all over the world. I walked into the stadium with new technology and everyone was talking! I realized I was onto something when I kept getting so many asking my about my table on my back. I went back home on a mission to fine tune my idea. I worked for several months with a designer to develop the ideal ergonomics to carry this type of weight on my back.

The story continues as I continue to tweak and improve on what I’ve created, but I know that it is something special. It has been almost a decade since its inception and I have yet to meet an unsatisfied customer! I feel I have made a huge contribution to my field by finding a way to help us preserve our bodies and we work to preserve the bodies of our clients/patients. I have only received love and gratitude for this contribution and am so proud of how many countries around the world that my brand has been sent!”

What is The MobiLOOP?

The MobiLoop is a portable therapy table backpack harness that allows you to carry your table effortlessly. Designed to simplify the lives of healthcare professionals who use portable treatment/massage tables, the MobiLoop securely attaches to your therapy table, enabling you to wear it on your back like a backpack. This ergonomic design not only eases the task of transporting your table but also liberates your hands for carrying additional items or using your cell phone.

The MobiLoop eliminates the necessity for a cart when transporting your therapy table, eliminating the burden of dealing with another large item to carry or worry about. Furthermore, carts are not suitable for use on grass, gravel, or stairs. The MobiLoop enables you to move more swiftly and safely with your therapy table securely fastened to your back. It excels, especially in challenging terrains like grass, gravel, or stairs, making it easier for you to reach your client with reduced stress and frustration. If you've ever used a cart or hand truck, you're well aware of the frustration involved. With the MobiLoop, you'll have increased energy and a better frame of mind, allowing you to deliver top-notch treatments.

The MobiLoop lightens your load and accompanies you effortlessly wherever you go. It enables you to carry your table with an even distribution of weight across your body, reducing the strain on your neck that often occurs when carrying the table on one side of your body. We all recognize that this improvement contributes to the long-term health of your spine. It's worth noting that the MobiLoop was designed by a chiropractor!

The MobiLoop easily fits over your existing massage table bag, making it compatible with your current table setup right out of the box, eliminating the need to make any equipment changes.

The MobiLoop has two size options: The MobiLoop and The MobiLoop-XL Elite. There is a size for all tables so you can purchase with the confidence that it will fit your table.

-The MobiLoop is for portable chiropractic tables only, and the MobiLoop XL Elite will fit both chiropractic and massage tables.

-The MobiLoop-XL Elite has long straps on the harness for maximum versatility.

-You can carry your table vertically or horizontally making travel easier regardless of what your transportation method or travel path is.

-The longer straps also allow you to bring along accessories like bolsters and chairs!

-The MobiLoop’s maximum versatility makes it easier for you to get to your patients and bring along the accessories you need to treat them!

“The MobiLoop is for those that are regularly mobile as well as those that do occasional work in the field. It is like having luggage. You may not travel every week, but you do need luggage when you travel!”

Dr. Craig Dossman, Jr

Inventor, Mobiloop

-The Mobiloop is a backpack harness for portable therapy tables, created to simplify your life as a mobile healthcare provider.

-The Mobiloop is water resistant, light weight, and flexible.

-The strength and durability allow you to carry your table on your back without the burden of carrying a table on your shoulders!

-Enjoy having your hands free to use your cell phone and get around faster on foot, especially on gravel, stairs or grass!

-The Mobiloop can hold up to 60 pounds and is easily to put on and remove.

We have two Mobiloop options to cater to your various needs:

This is our original product. The Mobiloop was originally created by a chiropractor to carry his own portable chiropractic table. See the ABOUT US for the story behind the Mobiloop! 


Mobiloop XL Elite-
This is our best seller and latest upgrade to the now discontinued, Mobiloop XL. With this new unit, we answered requests for a more neutral color option as well as fabric upgrades. This unit is constructed with dual layer military-grade polyurethane and woven with nylon. It is water resistant, light weight, and flexible. The XL Elite is made with high quality fabrics for enhanced durability and a higher gloss appeal. The XL Elite is capable of carrying the portable chiropractic tables as well as the full size massage therapy tables. Although the carrying capacity of the Mobiloop XL is 60 pounds, we recommend aluminum framed tables if you plan to be mobile. These tables should weigh an average of 25-35 pounds (11-16 kg). 


Doc is loved and respected within the Long Beach community for his care and dedication to the youth. He has worked with multiple organizations throughout the community along with a variety of local schools. However, his reputation was established, in large part, through his professional relationship with the Long Beach Polytechnic High School Athletic department, a nationally recognized sports powerhouse. The experience led to working with top tier athletes like Desean Jackson, OJ Mayo, Demar Derozan, and many others while they were in high school. He was able to experiment with techniques due to the access he gained to these exceptionally gifted young athletes.

Access begets access. Testimonies of his techniques found the ears of athletes at more advanced stages in their careers. He soon found himself at collegiate National championships, professional World Championships, and then, the penultimate, Olympic Games.  He gained notoriety as the personal travel doctor to Olympic Champions Felix Sanchez, Carmelita Jeter (the world’s fastest woman), and Dawn Harper. Touring with these exceptional, world champion athletes gained him the opportunity to treat others with exceptional talents. He is called upon by, and has toured the world with, professional entertainers like Janet Jackson, Usher, and Diddy.